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Aqua Network - Features

No wipe

There will never be any server wipe. Your effort and time investment is safe here. Start playing and stop worrying!

Our server is not P2W and we don't benefit from wipes. We are building a server network that will stay online forever.

You can leave or take a break, and when you come back everything will be the same as when you left. Enjoy the game as it should be.

No Bots & No Boxes

We have developed our own anti-bot protection and it's the best in the whole L2 scene. We flawlessly detect and jail bots automatically.

You can not use auto-farm interfaces in our server. You'll have to farm manually, just like everyone else. You need to play the game.

Only 1 client allowed per Player. Dualboxing and Multiboxing is not allowed. Go have fun partying up instead of boxing everything!

L2Off/PTS-like Files

We have the best files. We've been developing on them since High Five came out in 2011. They have been battle-tested and work perfectly.

NPCs, spawns, drops, stats, skills, formulas... everything is exactly the same. We are the best Server with the same data and mechanics as L2OFF/PTS.

The files are private, not for sale. You won't play them anywhere else. We've made them ourselves through extensive testing and L2OFF/PTS data.

Fair Donations

Donation rewards are only Aqua Crystals, and what you see in the store is all you can get. We do not have hidden donation lists.

We treat all Players with respect, and no one has preferential treatment. We do not do limited-time offers, sales, or discounts.

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!

Aqua Values

Next: Fenrir (Midrate Retail)

XP: x50
SP: x50
Adena: x50
Drop: x50
Spoil: x50
Quest: x50

FENRIR is a disruptive High Five Midrate Server and offers the perfect gameplay for players who are tired of seasonal servers and want to experience L2 at its greatest.