We strive to offer the best servers ever.
The Lineage 2 of your dreams, come true.
We love our server, and we hope you do so too!

Play Now Commitments

We are the good guys

We focus on improving ourselves through hard work and dedication. We don't harm other servers (or players) for our own benefit.

We show our true selves because our intentions are honest. We don't need to lie about anything.

We are simply trying to create something people will love and enjoy, and we would hate to see it ruined for profit.

No Corruption & Respect

We strive for greatness. We will never devalue our server for our own benefit. We treat players like we treat ourselves, with love and respect.

We focus on fun instead of money. We don't use predatory pricing models and really care about players even if they don't give us any money.

We don't have hidden donation lists, or do private deals or special favors. We will never bribe players or clans to play our server.

Never Wipe & Updates

We will never wipe any server for any reason. We believe servers can be kept alive indefinitely, and we are here to prove it. Come back after some years, and your characters will be waiting for you.

We will never change the direction or base features of any server. Updates are for the specific group of players who already love the server as it is right now and want something even greater and inline with the current experience.

Honesty & Truth

We will always come forward with the truth. We believe you are intelligent, we will never lie to you. We respect you as a member of the community.

We are proud to show the real online count on all servers, and we will share our future plans for the network with you.

The servers are released in what we consider a finished state, you can expect quality of life updates.

Next: Fenrir (Midrate Retail)

XP: x50
SP: x50
Adena: x50
Drop: x50
Spoil: x50
Quest: x50

FENRIR is a disruptive High Five Midrate Server and offers the perfect gameplay for players who are tired of seasonal servers and want to experience L2 at its greatest.