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Game version:   HIGH FIVE - PART 6


Statements of Greatness

No Corruption

We are one of the few last-standing legit projects in Lineage 2.

Donation rewards are only Aqua Crystals, and what you see in the store is all you can get. We do not have hidden donation lists.

We treat all Players with the same respect, no one has preferential treatment. Special donation requests will be ignored.

No More Wipes

We believe servers are forever. We are creating a legacy you can always come back to.

Give us a try if you are tired of searching for a server to call home. Your character will be here for years to come.

We still care about the game. We design our servers with endgame and longevity in mind.

No Bots & No Boxes

We have developed our own anti-bot protection so that no one gets away with cheating in our server. We auto-detect bots but always punish them manually.

You will get banned if you use any kind of auto-farm or PvP scripts in our server. You need to actually put effort in and play the game by yourself.

Maximum 1 client allowed per Player. Dualboxing and Multiboxing is not allowed. Call your friends and enjoy playing together!

No Exploits

We work really hard on our files. We've been developing on them since High Five came out in 2011. They have been battle-tested and work perfectly.

There are no exploits, no annoying bugs, and GeoData works as it should. The quality of these files is a dream come true through years of constant effort.

We continuously update and develop our server further because we want to create the best gaming experience possible in Lineage 2, and we believe you deserve to enjoy it.

From the creators of L2Devil.ws (2017-2021)

GM Names: Devil + Anolvaio

From the creators of L2Skirmish.com (2011-2018)

GM Names: Copyleft

From the creators of L2Aeron.com (2013-2016)

GM Names: Lime